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Rules & ToS



  • is not responsible for any illegal, offending, or inappropriate actions made by users inside or outside of the game, including internet and real-life actions.
  • reserves the right to deny any person access to the game without a valid reason, or does any reason have to be given to the person.
  • has no obligations towards any player.
  • can ban or delete an account when the rules are broken.
  • has the right to make decisions based on non-written rules or to change the rules in the future without notifying users.
  • Players of that donate have no extra rights and can't claim rights.
  • may not be appropriate for persons under the age of 15, by playing the game or signing up for an account, you agree that you are over the age of 15 or otherwise have parental consent to play.
  • By creating an account, or sending in-game messages, you agree to allow access to your in-game mail, whether they notify you or not.
  • does not guarantee that you will be able to login to the game at all times or gain access to all parts of the game. Certain parts of the game may be unavailable due to a browser, firewall or security settings, or other problems.




1. You are only allowed to have ONE account. Having more than 1 account or getting someone else to create an account for the sole purpose of sending you their profits is strictly forbidden.

2. You cannot enter any other accounts, even if requested by the account owner. Additionally, you may not have non-players enter an account for any reason, even if requested by the account owner. If anyone asks you to do it, report it on the Support Desk.

3. Accounts on the same location (IP) CANNOT:
- Send money, point or items between those accounts.
- Join the same gang.
- Exchange anything on market, 50/50 or any other things.
- Using a middle man player to exchange (middle man player will also be banned).

4. Using serious verbal abuse (including racism) towards other players (whether through mail/forum or on a mobsters profile) is strictly forbidden. The definition of "verbal abuse" will be defined by the members of the staff, not the players.

5. No flooding/spamming anywhere (it means continually filling the screen with repetitive text, whether it be advertising or plainly abusing three or more lines of chat causing a disruptive flow of unnecessary material). Massive use of caps can also be considered as spamming.

6. Asking for personal or contact information of any kind is strictly prohibited. Please do not post personal contact information on any part of TheMafiasClub. This includes important bank information and/or contact details.

7. Swearing on chat, forum, message ticker, profile or anywhere else on TMC is not allowed. It is still considered swearing if the word is starred out, letters are re-arranged or it is clearly understood as swearing.

8. Using game-enhancing programs such as any form of Macros plugins, any form of auto-clicker programs, and any form of reloader plugins. The use of these programs set the abusing players at an unfair advantage over those who are playing manually, and the infraction will not be tolerated. Players caught or suspected of the use of one or more of these banned programs, plugins, or techniques are subject to banning, or account deletion at the discretion of the game admin.

9. Exploitation of any bugs or holes in the game will be punished with a permanent ban and deletion of the account.

10. Any advertising of other websites is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.

12. Scamming other players in-game or through an external tool (website, instant messaging, etc.) is FORBIDDEN! Use the in-game auction to protect yourself from scams. 

13. The use of nudity and/or racism anywhere on this site is prohibited.

14. We do not accept staff applications so don't bother messaging about becoming a CM (Chat Moderator) or FM (Forum Moderator) or an admin. There will be only ONE admin in this game.

15. Always respect Admin/FMs/CMs decisions. If you have any complaints just open a ticket on the Support Desk.

16. If you have any questions about these rules please open a ticket on the Support Desk about it and mods/staff will happily assist you in any way they can.

These rules are subject to change and staff interpretation at any time.